Hunt’s new 991g hill climb-specific wheelset costs just £1,089

Hunt undercuts the competition with lightweight hoops

If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade to your bike in time for hill climb season, Hunt might have you covered, Its new Hill Climb SL Tubular wheelset weighs in at a sprightly 991g while maintaining a competitive £1,089 price point.


Unlike many other lightweight components from brands such as LightWeight, MCFK, AX Lightness and Schmolke, which often reach stratospheric prices, this wheelset actually remains in the realm of ‘affordability’. You can easily expect to pay twice as much (if not more) with some of Hunt’s competitors.

Developed with the input of reigning National Hill Climb Champion, Dan Evans, Hunt designed this wheelset for competitive hill climbs. Commenting on his set, Evans says: “Obviously they’re lovely and light but the main thing that comes across is how stiff and solid they feel, nothing like other climbing wheelsets.”

Dan Evans’ hill climb bike looks surprisingly normal and ‘intact’ — rather than the usual chopping down weight saving measures we’re used to seeing
Hunt Bike Wheels
The wheels are built up with light 280g tubular rims. These are laced with a 16 spoke radial pattern up front and a 20 spoke radial non-driveside and two-cross driveside pattern at the back. The Pillar Megalite triple butted bladed spokes weigh just 3.4g each.

The Sprint SL J-Bend hubs feature a quick 7.5-degree engagement, which should be ideal for hard and fast acceleration and, as with other Hunt wheels, roll on EZO Japan bearings. For this wheelset, the bearings have been upgraded with low friction seals.

Lightweight everything: rims, spokes and hubs
Hunt Bike Wheels

The wheels will also come with titanium quick release skewers, Griptec brake pads and spare spokes, a spoke key and a cassette spacer.

Hunt states that the wheels are not suited to the rigours of general road riding, which is better served by other, more durable options in its line-up. The Hill Climb SL wheels really have been designed with one thing in mind — going uphill, fast.

The maximum weight rating of 78kg (rider and bike) could be an issue for the more ‘normal ‘shaped riders among us (though the wheels have been tested on Hunt’s punishing cobbled rolling road). For the sub-70kg hill-climber frame, however, we hardly see this being a problem.


The wheels are available for pre-order now with delivery scheduled for the first week of September, just in time for the start of hill-climb season. For more information and to order a set, visit Hunt Bike Wheels. Free worldwide shipping is also available.