Hutchinson’s claws are out with the new Griffus mountain bike tyre

Designed for hard pack and dusty conditions

French tyre outfit Hutchinson has announced a new addition to its range of gravity tyres, the Griffus 2.4 and Griffus 2.5.


Designed for dry conditions, the new Griffus tyres are the first product to come from the brand’s Racing Lab program, which enlists elite and professional riders to test and provide feedback on new products.

For the Griffus, Hutchinson recruited Adolf Silva, Reed Boggs and Carson Storch who will be racing on the new tyres, as well as Cécile Ravanel and Isabeau Courdurier, who won the first round of the EWS 2019 racing on the Griffus.

When conceptualising the Griffus, which means ‘clawed’ in French, the tyre company sought to develop a gravity tyre with low rolling resistance, yet still provided the best possible lateral grip for hardpack and dry conditions.

On the left is the Griffus 2.4 and on the right is the wider and burlier Griffus 2.5
On the left is the Griffus 2.4 and on the right is the wider and burlier Griffus 2.5

According to Hutchinson, the Griffus 2.4 is the faster-rolling performance version, with a less aggressive central tread that spans 57mm across. Hutchinson recommends the Griffus 2.4 as a rear tyre for competition, but also says it can serve as a front for all-mountain riding.

With a slightly wider 58mm cross-section of tread, the Griffus 2.5’s high knob profiles are probably best suited to use on the front for ultimate grip.

The entire 66TPI casing is reinforced with the Hutchinson’s Hardskin textile grid from bead to bead and is made using three rubber compounds, which get progressively softer as they move out on the tread.

With this, it’s no surprise these tyres are anything but lightweight, with the Griffus 2.4 claimed to weigh 930g and the 2.5 980g.


Available in 27.5 and 29in diameters, the tyres are available in standard black sidewall and tan, and are set to cost  £45.95 / $79.99 / AU$TBC.