Ibis wants to stick a Pork Chop in your bike

Clever new storage system for Mojo and Ripley owners

Ibis Mojo and Ripley owners now have a new option to carry tools, nutrition and sundry other items on their frames.

The front triangle of the Ibis Mojo is a great place to carry gear

Developed in conjunction with Blackburn, the Pork Chop bags fit neatly inside the front triangles of Ibis Mojo and Ripley models.

These strapless frame packs are designed with an internal suspension system that holds them in place.  The packs are constructed with a nylon ripstop exterior for abrasion resistance with padded side panels and a waterproof zipper. Inside the Pork Chop there’s elastic webbing to keep CO2 cartridges or other small items in place.

Mojo Pork Chops

Mojo Pork Chops come in three versions for medium through XL frames

The Pork Chip fits the Mojo 3, HD3 and HD4 models. It’s offered in version for medium through XL sizes. small Mojo owners are out of luck.

Ripley Pork Chops

The Ripley’s Pork Chop appears to have even more cargo room

The Pork Chop fits V2, V3 and Ripley LS models. There’s no size small Ripley, so all frame sizes are covered.

Price, weight and availability

The Pork Chops look to be a very clean way to carry gear on your Ibis

The claimed weight of these bags is approximately 170g / 6oz. The Pork Chop comes with a lifetime warranty.

All versions are now available directly through Ibis and through Ibis dealers. Pricing is set at $49.99. (UK and Australian pricing was not immediately available.)


Visit www.ibiscycles.com for more information.