ICE Lift V8 height adjustable seatpost

Height-adjustable seatpost at an affordable price

Height-adjustable seatposts are becoming more capable and durable as the years progress, but high prices from the big brands make the technology inaccessible for many. The ICE Lift V8 could be one of the few posts to help change this.


Coming in a £120, the ICE Lift V8 offers three fixed positions to chose from – fully raised, 45mm drop and the full 90mm drop – with an overall post length of 400mm. The mechanism is straightforward, using an adjustable spring  to control up and down movement with a pin that locates and locks into the hole at each of the three positions.  Spring tension can be adjusted with a 6mm Allen key.

The remote itself actually resembles what looks like a Crankbrothers Joplin bar-mounted trigger which offers that pull/push in-any-direction action, making it easy to use and easy to mount anywhere on the bar. It can also be replaced with a standard gear cable, which is handy.

What’s nice about the ICE post other than the simple, apparently easy to service mechanism, is the fixed cable mounting on the lower portion of the post. This means no excessive cable looping when the post drops, which can be a real pain with cable routing and also just get in the way if it’s too long. The 90-degree exit angle also makes routing a far tidier job.

The remote seems easy to use, with push/pull in any direction: the remote seems easy to use, with push/pull in any direction
Jon Woodhouse/BikeRadar
The remote seems easy to use and mount, and cable routing is tidy

Helping to keep the gunk out is the rubber shock-boot style cover, which gets looped in and under part of the seat clamp to help keep it firmly in place.

The twin-bolt seat clamp is a well-proven design and should help cap off what looks to be a nicely finished, bargain bit of kit.

Size-wise, the Lift V8 is available in a 27.2mm diameter and comes with shims to fit 30.9mm and 31.6mm. There are also aftermarket shims available for owners looking to swap frames, which makes it easily transferable.

The weight is a claimed 548g, which, for this price, really isn’t bad at all.


We’ll be doing a full test on the Lift V8 soon so tune in for the full lowdown then.