IceBike 2011: Summer show round-up

Electron lights; Hydrapak bags; Elite trainers, rollers and tyres

The biannual iceBike show is a chance for UK distributors Madison to show off their ever-growing portfolio of bikes, parts and clothing. The summer edition kicked off this week and featured new machines from Saracen and Genesis, plus the latest gear from Giro and helmet camera tech from GoPro. Here’s a round-up of some of the other new kit on display, including lights from Electron, riding packs and bladders from Hydrapak, and indoor trainers from Elite.



Electron were showing off a prototype version of their new Terra 2 Evo – a twin LED headlamp setup capable of putting out a claimed 360 lumens (180 per lamp). The tiny head units offer better side visibility than most lights of this type, and they look a lot more expensive than their £124.99 asking price (a single lamp Terra 1 Evo version will be available for £99.99).

The 6,600mAh lithium-ion battery is claimed to give a four-and-a-half-hour runtime on full power, while the O-ring bar mounts will be refined before the lights hit the shops in September. We rated the original Terra 2 highly when we tested it last year, and this new Evo version looks even better. Look out for a review on BikeRadar later this year.

The new Electron Milli is a silicone commuter/backup LED, available in front and rear versions for £29.99 a pair. Unlike other lights of this type, it’s USB-rechargeable. If you want something brighter at the back, take a look at the twin-LED Pico Super 2, which is Electron’s most powerful rear light yet. It offers up to 120 hours’ runtime in ‘chase’ mode. RRP is £24.99.

Electron milli:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Electron’s new USB-rechargeable Milli looks perfect for office workers

Electron pico super 2:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

The Pico Super 2 is now Electron’s brightest rear light


The biggest news from Hydrapak is their new Shape-Shift reservoir, which keeps the easy-clean top-opening design of their current bladders but adds an internal baffle. This helps the reservoir keep its shape better, so it doesn’t bulge and is easier to slide in and out of your hydration pack. A Snap-Zip closure on the baffle allows it to be opened for cleaning or if you need to carry extra water. The Shape-Shift reservoir will come with top-end 2012 packs and can also be bought separately, in 70oz/2L and 100oz/3L versions, for £29.99.

Hydrapak shape-shift bladder, 70oz/2l:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Hydrapak’s new low-profile Shape-Shift reservoir will be available aftermarket

There are updated colours on some packs for 2012 and the Morro (£44.99) and Jolla (£99.99) have been revamped. Both get new ventilated straps and improved back panels but keep the same lightweight construction. The Jolla now has more of a hiking rucksack feel, with an increase in size and a drawstring closure for the main compartment covered by a separate hood. Also new from Hydrapak are 20oz water bottles with PrimaLoft insulation (the same stuff found in ‘duvet’ jackets and gilets), plus some standard bidons with quirky designs – matching monkey and banana bottles, anyone?.

Hydrapak jolla: hydrapak jolla
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

The Hydrapak Jolla is larger for 2012 and has a hiking-style drawstring closure and hood for added versatility


Elite have a host of new indoor trainers for 2012, plus a new training tyre. The magnetic-resistance SuperCrono Forte Wireless Digital Trainer (£399.99) features a digital head unit which allows for total control from the cockpit and measures speed, distance, heart rate, cadence (wireless) and wattage. The connection between tyre and roller is set automatically according to rider weight, so the trainer doesn’t have to be recalibrated each time a different person jumps on.

Elite supercrono forte wireless digital trainer: elite supercrono forte wireless digital trainer
John Stevenson/BikeRadar

Elite’s SuperCrono Forte Wireless Digital Trainer has 16 levels of resistance

The Novo Mag Trainer (£179.99) accepts the widest range of wheel sizes in Elite’s trainer stable, from 24in BMX wheels to 29er mountain bike hoops. As the name suggests, it uses magnetic resistance, with five levels of adjustment. An addition to Elite’s roller range comes in the shape of the Arion Italian (£199.99), which is decked out in the tricolor in celebration of 150 years of Italian unification. Two matching bottles are thrown in for good measure.

Elite novo mag trainer: elite novo mag trainer
John Stevenson/BikeRadar

The Elite Novo Mag Trainer can be used with BMXs and mountain bikes, as well as road bikes

Those of you who don’t like to wear your rear tyres down on rollers might be interested in Elite’s new Coperton Indoor Training Tyre (£29.99). Its trainer-specific tread means it doesn’t heat up like a normal road tyre, and should last longer too. Its eye-catching white and red colour means there are no excuses if you forget to swap it back when you take your training outdoors.

Elite coperton training tyre: elite coperton training tyre
John Stevenson/BikeRadar

The folding-bead Elite Coperton training tyre