If you’re growing a mini-hipster, you can now buy them a penny-farthing balance bike

Authentic replica penny-farthings for kids

Richards of England creates authentic replica penny-farthing balance bikes

You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy the novelty of these miniature penny-farthings.


Richards of England (not to be confused with the classic car restoration company) is a small outfit based in East Yorkshire. It gets its name from its master machine-builder, Christian Richards, who hand builds replica penny-farthings for sale and hire.

Recently he tried his hand at something different, and thus the children’s penny-farthing balance bike was born.

The bike is designed for children aged 3–6 years, and has a 14in wheel with a traditional solid rubber tyre for both easy maintenance and authenticity. It also features Victorian-style wooden grips and a traditional handmade leather saddle.

The penny-farthing balance bike is handmade to order and costs £299. International shipping is available.