Illustrator turns boring bike boxes into stunning works of art

Boxes to treasure as much as the bikes that come in them

With most bikes and bike parts, the boxes they arrive in are nondescript and bound straight for the recycling pile once their more exciting contents have been extracted.


Tired of this approach, Copenhagen-based bicycle brand Larry vs Harry, makers of the Bullitt cargobike, decided to make their boxes more interesting by commissioning an illustrator to create a fantasy world which was then printed on the outsides.

Illustrator Kristian Eskild Jensen dreamt up the designs for the series, incorporating well-known Danish sights and and fables. Added to the scenes are Larry vs Harry’s musical heroes of yesteryear and characters from cult films.

The idea was that these boxes could then be used as artwork in children’s bedrooms and to build playhouses.

Kristian Eskild Jensen dreamt up a fantasy world for the series
Larry vs Harry

“We often receive pictures from customers who have used their Bullitt boxes to build playhouses and dens for their children. If they are saving the boxes and getting inventive with them anyway, we thought it would be nice to do something unique and original with the boxes,”  says Larry vs Harry’s owner Hans Fogh.

The result is a set of seriously beautiful designs which would look as good in a home office as they would in a kid’s bedroom, although if you’re anything like us, you’d end up spending more time colouring in the designs than doing any work.


Take a look at the gallery above to check out the designs.