Improve your time trialing with the David Millar TT System

Even the most experienced time-trialists will review how they do things

David Millar challenges myths of time trialing

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This week has seen us post a series of articles to introduce the David Millar TT System, developed in conjunction with A1 Members.

David Millar is one of the most successful time trialists in the history of cycling and, in this series, he reveals the system that brought him to the peak of the world cycling order. He breaks this down into five key elements and describes how these can be implemented for success by the everyday cyclists. You can catch up on the articles below.

In the series, Millar challenges some modern myths – such as expensive equipment and testing as the primary means to greater speed – and illustrates his system and associated strategies with intriguing insights from his own experience and career. These include his questioning of the taken-for-granted ways of doing things, both in the traditional British time-trialling scene in which he initially developed as a rider, and through to the professional ranks.

His approach evolved to one of self-reliance, experimenting and discovering what worked best for his particularly unique characters as an athlete. Readers will find this to be an intriguing and refreshing theme which runs through the various elements of his system.

‘The David Millar TT System’ gives a roadmap to all riders on how to improve their time trialling. The system isn’t a strict set of rules on how to do it ‘right’, or an argument for purchasing an expensive list of equipment. Because every rider is unique, Millar’s system reveals how everybody can unlock their full potential and become the best time triallist they can possibly be. Click here to sign up to the free 4-Part Video Training Series where David reveals his 5-Point Time Trial System.


He argues persuasively, for example, that riders should take prime responsibility for issues such as the best position and equipment to suit their particular bodies, at minimal cost. This is a refreshingly honest insight into what really matters and a departure from some current trends of seeking solutions – often very expensive – from commercial interests and ‘experts’.

Moreover, the System gives readers the knowledge of how make these changes, along with the confidence to do so.

One of the most critical components – the ‘engine’ – isn’t neglected either and, like the full series, training for the TT is broken down into manageable, no-nonsense chunks.

Other important issues, such as pacing and climbing, are all dealt with equally.  However, here again his System differs in that he doesn’t talk about the ‘right’ strategy or the ‘perfect’ solution. Rather, he emphasis the need for adjustment and adaptability to suit particular courses, conditions and the athlete.

The Millar TT System will, we believe, lead to time-trialists everywhere reviewing their approach – even the most experienced.  And, the series isn’t just for the TT purists. For example, many road racers neglect the TT to their cost –  how often is your General Classification in that key stage-race decided by your TT performance?

Additionally, links are provided to free videos, courtesy of A1 Members and BikeRadar, in which David discusses various aspects of time-trialling with Anthony Walsh, founder of A1 Coaching. These fantastic resources will further illustrate key aspects of the The Millar TT System.

Millar’s 5-Element System will give everybody the edge.

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David Millar has collaborated with A1 Coaching to present ‘The David Millar TT System’, along with a free 4-part video series. Millar is a world expert in time trialling and A1 Coaching has become a leader in the business by bringing cutting-edge science and training methods to the everyday cyclist. This synergy, between Millar and A1, has led to the insightful 5-part Millar TT System and the accompanying 4-Part Video Training Series. Click here to sign up.