Indiglo 5 seeks kickstarter support

Aussie start-up needs crowdfunding for super bright light

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Following the recent success of crowdfunding campaigns such as the Fly6 rear view camera and Ted King’s Untapped, the team at Indiglo has turned to Kickstarter to get their business up and running.

The Indiglo 5 is a compact 1,800-lumen, single-LED, rechargeable bike light. It’s still in the preliminary phase of production, but the light will be 110mm long and 45mm in diameter, and has a claimed of weight 190g.

The overall design reminds us of light offerings from UK-based Exposure. Indiglo plans to sell the Indiglo 5 at extremely competitive prices.

The indiglo 5 will be compatible with a range of mounts:

The Indiglo 5 will be compatible with a range of mounts

Made from aerospace grade aluminium, the Indiglo 5 will be waterproof and impact-resistant. The best feature however, is that all the components are serviceable and replaceable, including the LED bulb and battery.

Using a Cree MT-G2 emitter, the Indiglo 5 throws out a wide beam of high CRI (colour render index) light, that’s said to be similar to sunlight. The idea behind this ‘real light’ principle is that the human eye responds better to sunlight (which also has a high CRI) than most artificial light.

The small light is self-contained and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery, however should you run out of juice mid-ride, extra rechargeable batteries are available, as well as an external battery pack. Run times are claimed to be from 45 to 60 minutes on boost mode (the full 1,800 lumens), 80 to 90 minutes on high, up to 160 minutes on low, and 12 hours in pulse mode.

Extra rechargeable batteries will be available as well as and external battery pack:

Extra rechargeable batteries will be available as well as an external battery pack

The Indiglo 5 features a heart-beat pulse mode, whereby the light flashes in a pattern reminiscent of a heart beat. According to the Indiglo website, this is to “remind motorists that you are a living being, not an inanimate object”.

Along with the lights, Indiglo plans to introduce a product stewardship program. When a new model comes from the Adelaide-based startup, they will take back the old light and either refresh it with new internals or recycle the entire unit.  

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the Indiglo 5 will retail for AU$250, and the first run of products should ship in December.

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With a month left on Indiglo’s Kickstarter campaign, the Indiglo 5 has raised nearly AU$22,000 of their AU$75,000 goal. For more information or to back the Aussie startup, visit