InfoCrank eliminates magnets with cadence measurement upgrade

Verve Cycling releases free Revolution Update for all customers

Verve Cycling has released a free cadence measurement update for its popular InfoCrank power meter, making zip-tied magnets and accelerometers unnecessary.


The new Crank Position System (CPS) technology is available as a free firmware update called Revolution Updware for existing InfoCrank users. It precisely detects every cadence pulse, says Verve Cycling, regardless of rider intensity and pedal style.

Built-in intelligence

What’s more, it features a built-in intelligence system that can recognise if there are magnets on the bike, and then work as a magnet-based system. Otherwise, it will work on its own if no magnets are present. It can also recognise if only one crank is magnet-equipped, and run on that one crank on magnets, with the other crank using its own power.

“Precision has been sacrificed by most in order to get rid of magnets, but that goes against the grain at Verve,” says company CEO Bryan Taylor. “We spent years perfecting the CPS so that our customers could keep their accuracy, lose the problems of magnets, maintain and even extend the life of their batteries and JUST RIDE.”

Professional testing

ONE pro cycling testing the new infocrank update: one pro cycling testing the new infocrank update

Verve called on two of their professional teams, ONE Pro Cycling and Verva Active Jet, to assist them with the final testing phase of the CPS system. Following input from the team members and their coaches, they were able to test it in record time under a variety of scenarios. 


The RevUp firmware update is being released today (4/4/16) for existing InfoCrank customers. For more info, head to