Infocrank power meter pricing slashed 20%

Plus increased compatibility for 2016

Good news power meter fans, the Verve Infocrank is now cheaper than ever

Here’s some good news for anyone on the hunt for an Infocrank power meter. Verve Cycling, the company behind the Infocrank, has now shed the burden of acting as its own distributor and that, along with other structure changes, means the power meter has never been cheaper to buy.


Currently available in compact or mid-compact variations, the Infocrank arrives as part of a Praxis Works chainset and includes all you need to get running, including introductory subscriptions to leading analysis and data recording programs.

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Effective from today, the new pricing means a saving of £261/US$351/€199/AU$249 on the previous retail price of an Infocrank system. Retail prices are now as follows: £1,149/US$1,399/€1,599/AU$1,949.


In other news from Verve, the company is aiming to get Infocrank compatible with more bike frames. The introduction of 24mm spindles and larger 130BCDspiders, along with an increased range of crank lengths is said to be close and should go a long way to get more frames running the system.

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