‘Intelligent’ bike signal indicator launches on Kickstarter

Signalling gadget enables cyclists to keep their hands on the handlebars

Ever wish that your bike had signal indicators? Two cyclists aim to supply just that with their innovative safety device.


London start-up company GestureAware, comprising commuter cyclist Michal Harasimiuk and his friend Guillaume Kendal, has developed a smart-turn indicator that enables cyclists to indicate where they’re heading while keeping both hands on the handlebars.

The gadget takes the form of a helmet-mounted motion tracking device and two flashing beacons, and works using an accelerometer. The user only needs to roll their head left or right and the light on that side of the helmet will flash bright amber.

Now the duo hope to find backing for their product through the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.

“Being seen is only half the battle us cyclists face – the other major factor is being understood by and predictable to other road users. That’s why we’re so excited to have launched this Kickstarter campaign in the hope that people back our idea and vision for safer roads within our cities,” says Michal, founder of Gesture Award.

“We feel that by keeping your hands firmly on the handlebars and using our intuitive solution, cars and cyclists can live happier together on our roads.”

The pair hope to raise £100,000 to fully develop their device. A video of the indicator in use on the road can be found on the product’s Kickstarter page and below:

GestureAware hope to find funding for their device through kickstarter

Video: GestureAware hopes to find funding for its device through Kickstarter