Intense Tazer VP FRO – First look

Lighter, stiffer, better, say Intense

The decade-old Intense Tazer has always lived and died by its prowess on a gated racecourse. The latest rendition melds new design elements with the bike’s original race-inspired pedigree to bolster stiffness and drop weight.


The new Tazer VP, which will be available in July for US$2,140, is further developed from the prototype Intense showed during last autumn’s tradeshows.

The main improvements include an asymmetric rear swingarm, which was adopted from a similar design used on the Tracer 29, and the use of the Slopestyle 2’s down tube, which ties this short-travel model to the rest of the brand’s gravity line.

The non-drive side of the swingarm can be designed without regard for the drivetrain and to maximize stiffness.: the non-drive side of the swingarm can be designed without regard for the drivetrain and to maximize stiffness.
Intense Cycles

The non-drive side of the swingarm takes a more direct line to maximise stiffness

The new swingarm is said to be 20g lighter and offers the option of a standard quick-release or 135mm Maxle-style through-axle. Coupled with the refined profile of the Intense designed, Easton made Slopestyle 2 down tube, the overall stiffness of the chassis is said to be greatly improved. The bike features 3-3.5in (76-89mm) of adjustable VPP controlled travel.

“You can ride this bike on a really aggressive trail,” said Craig Glaspell, Intense’s marketing manager. “It just really stabilised the bike. We’ve stiffened it up and lightened it up – that’s always a home run.”

Intense cycles tazer teaser

The new Tazer comes in two sizes, small or medium. Both sizes share identical geometry, save for the top tube length (22in or 23in) and subsequent 1in difference in wheelbase. As with all of Intense’s models, the Tazer VP FRO is made in their Southern California facility.

Tazers in their natural habitat.: tazers in their natural habitat.
Intense Cycles

The stout, short-travel bike has new-found stiffness that is said to increase its range


“These bikes used to be little racing and slalom bikes – now they can do a lot,” said Glaspell. “You can dirt jump them, race them in 4X, street ride on them. I took one to Ray’s Indoor Park and … I had a lot of fun on it.”