Interbike 2010: Smith Optics’ new summer sport lens

Plus roll-offs for goggles could make comeback

Smith Optics were showing off a new summer sport lens called Blue Mirror at this year’s Interbike trade show. They were also displaying their long-time alternative to goggle tear-offs, Roll Off, which could prove increasingly popular due to its reduced impact on the racetrack and bike park.


Blue Mirror

The Blue Mirror sports lens is designed to offer a darker but non-tinted colour-correct view. It’s said to produce less eyestrain and offer a more natural option than tinted lenses.

It’s made from Smith’s Carbonic TLT material with a 7 base lens curvature and sports a hydroleophobic lens coating. The new lens is available on the Pivot Lock range V90 and V90 Max models. Both glasses cost US$120

Roll Off

Smith’s Roll Off design was designed and patented close to 30 years ago but it’s again gaining popularity with the banning of traditional tear-offs at some resorts and races.

Smith’s roll off goggle system:
Matt Pacocha

Smith’s Roll Off system

The Roll Offs are based on 35mm film technology, in spirit anyway. A single left-hand pull-string drags a strip of clear film across the goggle providing a clean, unobstructed view. Unlike the tear-off system, no dirty lens is left behind on the track.


Depending on goggle model, Smith’s Roll Off system costs around $40. Each Roll Off film offers 25-35 ‘views’ before replacement is needed. A dozen Roll Off films cost $12.