Interbike 2011: Acros off-road hydraulic shifting (video)

'Ridiculously light' A-GE system to cost $1,999

Acros' A-GE system will be available as a full package and as individual components

Acros were showing off their A-GE hydraulic shifting system at the Interbike show in Las Vegas, which they hope will do the same for shifting as hydraulic discs have done for braking.


The lightweight system, which presently costs a whopping $1,999 for shifters, housing, front and rear derailleurs, is said to be 175g lighter than Shimano XTR and 200g lighter than SRAM XO. While Acros reckon the cost is relative (once it’s set up, there won’t be any need to replace cables), they confirmed they are working on a cheaper way of producing the system.


For more on the system, check out the video below of our chat with Acros’ General Manager, Marius Wrede. 

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