Interbike: 2011 Campagnolo Super Record lightest yet

Performance gains too, plus price of standard group held or lowered

Campagnolo claim their 2011 Super Record 11-speed groupset weighs less than 1,900g – that’s more than 65g lighter than the 2010 group’s actual weight. Even without the new optional titanium axles, weight drops to a claimed 1,925g.


“The new groupo, without the titanium option, is lighter than SRAM Red,” Tom Kattus, general manager of Campagnolo North America, told BikeRadar. “When we weigh, we weigh the complete group. We weigh it with the full length of the chain, all of the bearings, everything.”

Retail pricing for the standard (non-Ti) Super Record group will stay the same as in 2010, worldwide, while US riders will actually see a 12 percent drop in price (as of 1 June) due to the variance in exchange rate. The 2011 groups will cost roughly, depending on options, US$2,935 for the standard version or $3,120 with the titanium axles.

Super Record’s diet

How have Campagnolo dropped the weight? Well, first they offer the option of replacing the standard Ultra-Torque crank’s steel semi-axles with titanium versions that use a reverse threaded titanium bolt joining the two axles. The bolt is reverse threaded so that it can’t be used with the standard steel axles, because a chemical reaction between the Ti and steel could cause it to seize. The titanium option drops 40g off of the 680g standard version’s weight.

A titanium semi-axle option for the super record crank: a titanium semi-axle option for the super record crank
Matt Pacocha

The Ergopower levers use a new lower-density body material for their housings, which is also said to be more impact resistant. There are also new lighter, mechanically operated brake pad holders and a new brake pad compound that’s said to drastically improve wet weather performance.

The rear derailleur sports new 3D moulded carbon fibre parallelogram knuckles, plus aluminium pulley bolts and main mounting bolt, all of which save weight. To finish off the weight loss programme, Campagnolo have shaved small amounts of weight from the Ultra-Torque bottom bracket cups, chainring bolts and the hollow pins of the 11-speed chain.

Better performance too

While the above features reduce weight, Campagnolo have also added new performance features to the group. Refined cable routing should eliminate cable bulges under the Ergopower hoods, and the levers also feature a new ratchet system that produces a heavier, more positive shift action and feel, which is born from continuing feedback about the 11-speed’s light action.

The super record 11 shifters have much more snap that previous versions, we suspect stiffer springs: the super record 11 shifters have much more snap that previous versions, we suspect stiffer springs
Matt Pacocha

The Super Record 11 shifters have much more snap than previous versions

The XPSS large chainring features refined tooth profiles and ramp placement and shape. The front derailleur has a new M-bracket – the outer, upper linkage – that is said to drastically increase the speed and precision of front shifts, both up and down.

“The speed and precision of the front shifting is improved, as is the trimming of the front derailleur,” said Kattus. “It’s freaking amazing. I rode it when I was last in Italy, about a month-and-a-half ago, and you really feel the difference. It shifts up from the small to the big ring instantaneously, but also shifting down there is no hesitation; it’s just bam – it’s there.”

Finally, Campagnolo offer the option of a dual-pivot rear brake in 2011 that will surely bump up total braking power. “I think most of the performance riders will prefer the single-pivot rear and double-pivot front,” said Kattus. “Eighty percent of your braking power comes from the front and it [the single-pivot rear] gives you more control.

A close look at the new brake pad holder:
Matt Pacocha

Campagnolo’s new brake pad holder

“Mr Campagnolo had read some comments from some people… who wanted more powerful brakes, so he said, ‘let’s bring it back and offer it as an option if people want it’.” It will be interesting to see what the professionals choose in 2011. Campagnolo say it was regular riders, not professional racers, who drove the dual-pivot rear brake option.

It would make sense to see the single-pivot rear brake used in the classics, when the riders use heavier bikes on slick roads where powerful rear braking could cause a loss of control. The dual-pivot rear brake would be better for the grand tours when the bikes are light and the routes include lots of high-speed descending.

The 2011 group also sports a new white-on-red ‘Super Record 11’ logo and the choice of black, white or red Ergopower lever hoods and cable housing. Riders can expect the group to start appearing in shops around now, with full delivery coming in October.

Key component features:

Super Record Ergopower levers ($495)

Campagnolo claim the weight of the new Ergopower lever at 330g. It features a new body housing material and refined cable housing paths. It continues to use titanium hardware and bearings (as opposed to bushings). The big news, however, is the new ratchet mechanism that is said to produce firmer, more tactile shifts and the ability to shift up three cogs and down five cogs at a time. The levers come with the option of black, red or white hoods and matching coloured cable housing.

Super record 11 shifters: super record 11 shifters
Matt Pacocha

The 2011 Super Record Ergopower shifters are all-new for 2011

Super Record Ultra-Torque crankset (standard: $830; titanium: $1,015; outboard cups $40)

The 2011 Ultra-Torque crankset comes in two versions. Both feature the new XPSS large chainring, unidirectional cabon fibre arms, CULT greaseless ceramic bearings and lighter alloy chainring bolts that thread directly into the small chainring. The standard steel spindled Super Record crank has a claimed weight of 680g while the new titanium spindled option, which comes with a titanium fixing bolt, is said to be 640g.

The 2011 super record group offers the option of a titanium spindle with the ultra-torque crank: the 2011 super record group offers the option of a titanium spindle with the ultra-torque crank

Super Record Ultra-Shift rear derailleur ($500)

Campagnolo claim the Super Record rear derailleur weighs 155g. It features new 3D moulded carbon upper and lower knuckles, alloy pulley bolts and a new alloy mounting bolt. Last year the derailleur had a heavier titanium main mounting bolt. The pulley cage remains entirely carbon and features the same quiet running rubberised pulleys with ceramic bearings.

More carbon on the super record rear derailleur for 2011: more carbon on the super record rear derailleur for 2011
Matt Pacocha

Carbon knuckles and new alloy hardware save weight from the 2011 rear mech

Super Record front derailleur, cassette and chain ($185 braze-on, $195 clip-on; $425-540 depending on range; $80)

The outer M-brace (section that carries logo) is redesigned to produce better shift performance

The 2011 Super Record front derailleur (72g claimed, braze-on) features a new outer linkage that is said to improve the speed and accuracy of shifting in both directions. It features a hybrid carbon and alloy lower cage (the carbon outer cage is protected by a steel guide) and aluminium mounting hardware. The cassette (177g claimed, 11-23T) is unchanged and retains six titanium sprockets and an alloy lockring. The chain (239g claimed, 114 links) is said to lose 3g through refinement of its hollow pins.

The outer m-brace (section that carries logo) is completely redesigned to produce better shift performance: the outer m-brace (section that carries logo) is completely redesigned to produce better shift performance

Super Record brakeset ($350 dual/single-pivot; $385 dual-pivot front and rear)

In addition to the option of a dual-pivot rear brake, which was removed from the line in 2002, Campagnolo have lightened and improved the brakeset’s pad holders. The new holders feature a mechanical snap fit pad retainer. The 2011 brake pad compound is also new and boasts wet performance that rivals dry performance. The dual- and single-pivot combo has a claimed weight of 272g.

The single-pivot rear brake is lighter and offers more modulation, but also noticeably less powerful:

The single-pivot rear brake remains standard, but Campagnolo now offer a choice at the front