Interbike video: Knolly Bikes’ 2010 Podium downhill rig

Prototype gravity bike goes into production

Knolly Bikes’ 2010 Podium downhill rig

Canadian bike company Knolly were showing off their Podium downhill bike at this year’s Interbike trade show. We spoke to Knolly’s Chris Glew and team racer Alan Crisp about the bike and its development.


Knolly displayed a prototype version of the Podium at last year’s Interbike, and the bike which uses the company’s own Four by 4 linkage has been tweaked throughout 2009.

Crisp said: “I was racing various versions of it all season just to get the geometry dialled in and suspension all set up and we’re really happy with what we’ve come out with.”

Watch the video now:

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