Introducing the Dropper Post by OneUp Components

Adjustable travel for what could be the shortest, longest dropper on the market?

OneUp Components has just announced the launch of its brand new Dropper Post, claiming class-leading specs as the shortest (for a given drop) available dropper on the market along with an adjustable drop length.


The OneUp Components Dropper Post is available with either 150 or 170mm travel and internal cable routing only. OneUp claims the compact dimensions of the Dropper Post mean most riders will be able to spec more travel than they currently have if they decide to upgrade.

The 150mm dropper has a length of 410mm with a 187mm stack height (from the collar to rails). As far as we are aware the closest competitor to that is the KS Lev Ci with a length of 440mm and 198mm stack height.

OneUp claims to have the shortest (for a given travel) dropper post on the market
Courtesy of OneUp Components

The 170mm dropper is 450mm long with a 207mm stack height.

Both lengths are available in a 30.9 or 31.6mm diameter with a two bolt saddle clamp.

The two bolt saddle clamp should provide security
Courtesy of OneUp Components

An adjustable travel dropper post

The Dropper Post offers up to 50mm of seamless travel adjustment for both models. The adjustment is tool-less and doesn’t require fiddling with any sensitive pressurised components, or even removing your saddle.

Instead you simply cut down the included shim to the length that corresponds to the reduction in travel desired. Unscrew the seatpost collar (by hand) and insert the shim into the corresponding grooved section inside the lower part of the dropper post. Reassemble and you’re done.

The plastic shim installed below the top white bushing reduces the travel of the post
Courtesy of OneUp Components

This is one of the most elegant solutions we have seen and is so simple that it can be done with the dropper installed on your bike. This kind of travel adjustment will allow you to get the longest possible drop on your bike.

Carbon composite cable remote

We rather like the design of the beefy shifter-style carbon remote, which looks like it can take some abuse. OneUp claims the ergonomics of the lever have been designed to necessitate less thumb movement when using it.

The remote will be available in I-Spec, Matchmaker and standard band clamp
Courtesy of OneUp Components

The remote is available with an I-Spec-II, Matchmaker or standard bar clamp. The cable clamp for the system is located on the lever meaning installation and shortening cable lengths should be that bit easier.

The post is actuated with a cable remote, which OneUp claims is more reliable than a hydraulic unit, such as that found on a RockShox Reverb.

This dropper is only available as an internally routed option
Courtesy of OneUp Components

Supposedly, in an emergency, read catastrophic remote failure, this means the dropper can be actuated ‘manually’ at the base. 

Claimed weight for a 150×30.9mm post is 509g with an additional 32g (quoted) for an I-Spec-II remote.

OneUp claims improved ergonomics with the paddle closer to your thumb than usual
Courtesy of OneUp Components

On paper that all sounds pretty good, but of course we’ll have to get one in for testing to see how well everything holds up to use and abuse.

However, there’s no doubt that the short length will help accommodate the widest range of frames or esoteric suspension designs.


Pricing and availability

The post and remote are available from OneUp directly for $248 with free worldwide shipping. The post alone will cost $199 and the remote (with cable, housing and bar mount) will be $49.