Is it a bike or a motorcycle? Delfast’s 380km range e-bike

Delfast claims more range than a Tesla

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Whether it’s electric bikes or electric cars, range anxiety is a real stumbling block for some potential buyers. To alleviate those concerns Delfast has created a motorcycle / mountain bike hybrid with a gigantic 380km range on a single charge.

There are cranks, a rear derailleur, and pedals on this

Delfast’s 380km range e-bike

Is it a bicycle or motorcycle?

It’s got a throttle, a key and integrated turn signals and brake lights, so it’s a motorbike, right? Well, not exactly as it also has cranks, pedals, and rear derailleur. 

“Delfast is a hybrid between a cross-country motorcycle and a mountain bike. With this bike you can ride around the city, off-road and, most importantly, for long distances”, said Daniel Tonkopiy, company’s CEO.

Lights are included with a taillight, blinkers mounted on the mirrors, and this very moto-looking headlight

Delfast notes that it can limit the maximum speed to within all legal requirements in a specific country or state.

Delfast reports there are three speed limit modes to meet regulations in most countries around world: 32 km/h (20 mph) (for the US without a license);  25km/h/250W pedal assisted (legal in the EU); and a no-limit mode.

The unlimited mode is only legal on a private land/tracks or on public roads if the bike is registered as a motorcycle. Doing so would require insurance and a license plate. 

Loads of technology

Delfast says its US-made battery (48V 64Ah) has enough power to even charge electronics, such as a smartphone through the two USB chargers. 

The components aren’t where the money was spent

A smartphone app is said to include real-time updates on battery life as well as additional technical features include GPS tracking, and for increased safety, an immobilizer. The wireless connection is through Bluetooth.

Three models available

Delfast is hoping to bring three different versions to market.

Delfast has smashed its Kickstarter funding goal

The Prime model features a clamied 380km range from a 1000w motor, and weighs 43kg (95lbs).

The Top model is said to have a 280km range, an enormous 5000w motor, and a very not light 62kg (137lbs) weight. 

The starting point is the Lite version with a reported 180km range, 750w motor, and much more realistic 27kg (59lbs) weight.

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They’re coming

Delfast’s funding goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter has been smashed three times over with 70 backers so far. If you want to support Delfast or get in on a lower priced e-bike with the biggest mileage range to date check out its campaign soon.