Is this the bike helmet you actually want to wear?

Thousand helmets use retro styling, and a clever PopLock

There’s a new urban cycling helmet on the scene, and you might just like it enough to actually want to wear it. Thousand is a new company from Los Angeles that launches its first lids today, with retro styling and a clever way to secure your helmet to your bike.


The new helmet comes from a very successful Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $230,000 last summer. Founder Gloria Hwang and her team are now ready to offer the helmets for sale, priced at $80 for most models, and $90 for a premium gold version (international pricing TBC).

PopLock and other features

We like the PopLock, which comes with an anti-theft guarantee

So what is a PopLock and how does it work? Well, it’s basically a detachable window in the helmet’s outer structure that enables you to fit a lock through and secure it to the bike. Much safer than locking your lid to your bike via the chin strap.

Magnetic chin-strap clasps can be shut with one hand

And talking of chin straps, these ones are eco-friendly and made from vegetan leather, and have magnetic clasps that can be closed with just one hand — as seen on high-end brands like Kask. Much easier to clip and unclip. For ventilation, there are seven air vents and three internal cooling channels — none of which are very prominent. Oh, and there are removable liners too, for washing.

Safety standards

There is a gold version – only $10 more expensive than the regular one

The new Thousand helmets meet US (CPSC) and European (CE) Safety Standards, and get free US shipping. They also benefit from something called the Bike Helmet Thief Guarantee, which means they’ll replace it if it gets nicked when locked to your bike. Decent.


For more info and to buy one for yourself, head to the Thousand website.