Is this the ultimate saddle pack for bikepacking?

Porcelain Rocket teases dropper-compatible Dropper Fusion pack

Porcelain Rocket's Dropper Fusion will let bikepackers get rowdy in the woods. (The beer can is obscuring the seatpost mount, which is being refined before the pack hits the market later this year)

Scott Felter, the man behind Porcelain Rocket, is a tireless tinkerer, always trying to come up with lighter, more user-friendly pack systems. His latest project is the Dropper Fusion, a seatpost-mounted frame pack that lets bikepackers carry their gear and still run a dropper seatpost.


Like Porcelain Rocket’s Mr. Fusion V2, the Dropper Fusion is cradled by 4130 chromoly arms that support and stabilize the pack. Rick Hunter, of Hunter Cycles, crafts Porcelain Rocket’s support arms. The reinforcing arms of the Dropper Fusion curve away from the seatpost, providing clearance between the rear tire and the pack. Riders on full-suspension bikes may still have interference issues when the seatpost is dropped and the suspension compresses.

The Dropper Fusion is slightly smaller than the Mr. Fusion, coming in with a packable volume of 7-11l. Like the Mr. Fusion, the Dropper Fusion is constructed from durable 500D and 300D Cordura nylon. 

The Dropper Fusion is in the final stages of development (hence the beer can obscuring the seatpost mount). Felter expects to begin shipping production versions later this year. Pricing will be in the neighborhood of $155 / £120 / AU$204.


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