Is this the ultimate tandem?

Specialized create two-man version of their Shiv time trial bike

No, you’re not seeing things – this really is a tandem version of Specialized’s carbon fibre Shiv time trial bike.

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And it doesn’t just look amazing: it has an internal shaft drive, and it’s so aero that even the bike computer and aero bars are integrated.

These pictures were taken by XTERRA triathlete Conrad Stoltz, who spotted the concept bike on a visit to Specialized HQ. For more details and pictures, check out

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“Some call it the Supersonic Divorce Machine, some call it The Red Rocket, but I know where my money would be if ever there was a Manufacturer Tandem Olympics,” says Stoltz. “Say it was a 6km drag race, I would put Fabian Cancellara and Mario Cipollini (circa 02) on this thing, wear ear plugs for the sonic boom and rake in the cash at the bookies…”

Specialized Shiv tandem
Specialized shiv tandem: specialized shiv tandem
Conrad Stoltz