Is this the world’s first adventure bike with a built-in whisky dispenser?

Madcap creation stashes booze and maps in the frame

We’ve seen hip flask cages, we’ve seen top tube-mounted wine bottles, but we’ve never seen this: an adventure bike that can swallow nearly a whole 750ml bottle of Scotch within its down tube.


The perfect reward for a long day in the saddle once you’ve built the campfire, the idea was made reality by UK bike builder Moss Bikes, which brought it along to last week’s Bespoked handmade bike show in Bristol.

Chocks away

First off, you can fill the downtube with whisky or other tipple…:

Here’s where the whisky goes in

Named the Spitfire CX, the bike is made from stainless steel Reynolds 921 tubing, which was fillet brazed rather than the more usual micro TIG welding. 

To add the whisky (or other spirit), you remove the two stoppers from the top of the downtube, pour it (carefully) using a funnel into one of the holes – the other hole enables air to be displaced. Your drink is then dispensed via a tap near the bottom bracket:

… which then gets dispensed here by the bottom bracket:

… and here’s where the whisky comes out

Map stash tubes

Other components include gevanelle gear shifters and brake levers:

The Spitfire CX was built for a mountain biker in Stoke on Trent who’s also into adventure riding, and wanted something a little bit different. So there’s a dropper seatpost, and plenty of British components, including Middleburn cranks, Hope wheels, Burgtec stem, and Gevenalle gear shifters and brake levers.

You can also stash your maps in the seat stays: you can also stash your maps in the seat stays

Another stealthy stash place

Another feature we like is map stash tubes hidden in the seatstays, with cork bungs used to keep your maps in place once they’re in, and protect them from the rain.


What do you think of carrying whisky in your down tube? Let us know in the comments below.