Isaac ‘alive and kicking’ with new range

All-new bikes, but same designers and manufacturers

Isaac say they are alive and kicking after the troubles of earlier this year

High-end bike builders Isaac say they have overcome the troubles of last year – they went into voluntary liquidation in April, four months after recalling all the bikes they had built since 2004 – and are ready to return with a new range.


New licence holders Tehava International, of Geleen, Holland, will unveil the 2010 Isaac line-up at the BikeMOTION show in Utrecht from 30 October to 2 November.

Tehava’s general manager Robert Vrancken assured BikeRadar that they would be bringing out a “completely new” range of bikes – albeit one created by the same designers and manufacturers as before. They will also provide full guarantees for all frames, including older models.

Isaac, whose hand-built designs are said to be inspired by the physicist Sir Isaac Newton, were renowned for pushing the envelope when it came to lightweight full-carbon bikes.

Perhaps a little too far, judging by January’s voluntary recall, which was sparked by concerns about assembly and maintenance of the company’s full-carbon forks and expander plugs.


But now the penny – or should that be apple? – seems to have now dropped, as the press release announcing the brand’s rebirth proclaims: “Isaac proves that light and slim can also be robust. In short, Isaac is alive and kicking.”