Islabikes launch new range of kids’ track bikes

New showroom has demo ride area too

British company Islabikes, who specialise in building bikes for kids, have just launched a new range of track bikes.


There are four models of Reis track bike available for Victoria Pendleton/Chris Hoy-wannabes aged six to 13.

Islabikes’ Isla Rowntree told us: “Track racing is a great way to introduce children to bike racing in a controlled environment. They experience the thrill of close racing and quickly acquire all the basic bike handling skills.”

“If there is not a hard track nearby a grass track is just as good and is very easy for clubs to set up. Our bikes are suitable for both. So many kids have been inspired by our fantastic achievements on the track in the last few years – maybe some of them will go on to emulate their heroes after starting on an Islabike.”

The £399.99 track bikes will take both grass and hard track tyres and can be fitted with brakes for use on-road.

Islabikes are also now offering their popular road/cyclo-cross Luath model, which attained a rare full marks from our testers, in a smaller size to suit children from around eight years old.

This versatile bike can turn its hand to road racing, cyclo-cross or touring, and retails at £349.99.

Luath side shot: luath side shot

And if your little ones want to test any of the Islabikes ranger, then a new showroom has just opened in Ludlow with a dedicated test area.


For more information on the new bikes and showroom, go to the Islabikes website or call 01584 856881.