ISM expands saddle line

Innovative perches for road, MTB and tri

For 2015, ISM has five new saddles, with more accessible pricepoints and a clearer naming system based on shape and purpose of the saddle. While most popular among time trialists and triathletes, ISM saddles have options for road riders and even mountain bikers.


“Our seats are not sport- or discipline-specific,” said brand spokesman Greg Kopecky. “Over time, we found that rider preference was not necessarily lining up with what we had labeled as a ‘triathlon seat’ or a ‘road’ seat. We still see some trends with riders choosing certain saddles for a given sport, but there are many cases that don’t fit the mold.”

The new categories of ISM saddles are based on shape. Performance Short seats are the Racing, Time Trial and Road, and are aimed at riders who prefer to stay in one position without much fore/aft movement. Performance Long saddles are the Podium, Breakaway and Prologue, and are aimed at riders who like to move around a little, such as sliding back a bit for climbing. The Performance Narrow seats are the Attack and new PN 1.1, and are for riders who want more clearance all around. The new Performance Recreation models are similar to the Short models but with more padding.

ISM is putting a number on the back of each 2015 saddle to illustrate its level of padding.

Here are four of the new saddles, two Performance Narrow models and two Performance Recreation saddles. There is also a comfort-bike saddle, like you’d find on a cruiser, but with ISM’s ergonomic channel down the middle.

PN 1.1

  • The Attack chassis with plush 40-series padding
  • US$149.95 / AU$189.95 / €119.95 / £94.95
  • 110mm wide, 270mm long
  • Satin Steel rails
  • Black, White or Pink
  • Available late 2014
Performance Narrow 1.1
Performance narrow 1.1: performance narrow 1.1

PN 2.0

  •        Attack front end and 25-series padding, modified rear with triathlon transition hook
  •        Pricing not yet available
  •        110mm wide, 270mm long
  •        Titanium alloy rails
  •        Black or White
  •        Available early 2015
Performance Narrow 2.0
Performance narrow 2.0: performance narrow 2.0

PR 1.0

  •        Generous 50-series foam padding
  •        US$129.95 / AU$159.95 / €104.95 / £84.95
  •        140mm wide, 245mm long
  •        Satin steel rails
  •        Black
  •        Available late 2014
Performance Recreation 1.0
Performance recreation 1.0: performance recreation 1.0

PR 2.0

  •        40-series foam and gel padding
  •        US$139.95 / AU$169.95 / €114.95 / £89.95
  •        140mm wide, 245mm long
  •        Satin steel rails
  •        Black
  •        Available late 2014
Performance Recreation 2.0
Performance recreation 2.0: performance recreation 2.0