Jeremy Paxman and Boris Johnson in London tandem ride

Ride marks the end of Paxman’s 25-year Newsnight career

Boris Johnson takes Jeremy Paxman for a ride on the journalist's final Newsnight

Jeremy Paxman presents his final Newsnight tonight – and to celebrate 25 years on the programme he goes for a tandem ride in London with London Mayor Boris Johnson.


There’s a promo clip of the pair – with Paxman as stoker – wobbling along London streets on the vintage bike on the BBC website. Paxman, who has interviewed Johnson on numerous occasions, will spar with the mayor on the fraught issue of cycle safety in the capital.

“I’ve done warzones that are easier than this,” Paxman says during the ride.

The broadcast journalist will continue to present University Challenge and will undertake more documentary work.


Newsnight begins at 10.30pm on BBC tonight.