Juliana Bicycles updates linkage and geometry

Furtado and Roubion get slacker angles, lower standover and tweaked suspension

Juliana Bicycles has launched updated versions of two of its most popular lines for 2016. Both the short-travel Juliana Furtado and the enduro-proven Juliana Roubion see altered geometry including slacker head angles and longer top tube length to increase reach, plus a new suspension linkage system and new colours.


Juliana Bicycles makes no secret of the fact that its bikes are based around frames of their brother company Santa Cruz, with the Furtado the sister of the Santa Cruz 5010 and the Roubion the sibling of the Bronson.

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In addition to the updated linkage system, the bikes now come with internal cable routing, side-swing front derailleur mounts, 31.6mm seat posts compatible with 150mm Reverb dropper posts (125mm on smaller sizes) and the new 148 x 12 rear end size.

Both the Furtado and the Roubion  feature Fox rear suspension and Rockshox forks, and Industry Nine hubs 148 x 12 size on XTR and XX1 builds.

Updated Santa Cruz VPP linkage

Both the Juliana Roubion and Juliana Furtado benefit from an update to the Santa Cruz VPP suspension, with a new linkage system which was debuted on the Santa Cruz Nomad in 2014. The lower link now lies just above the bottom bracket in a recessed space that helps protect it from impact such as rock strikes. The upper link now mounts directly onto the top tube, which Juliana / Santa Cruz claim increases lateral stiffness.

Another byproduct of the linkage redesign is the performance of the rear shock. Combined with updated suspension tunes, Juliana claims the shock rate is softer towards the top end, which in practice means greater sensitivity to smaller lumps and bumps giving a smoother ride. On larger features, towards the middle of the suspension travel, the rate becomes more progressive.

Juliana Roubion

The juliana roubion, as ridden by the juliana-sram pro team in the enduro world series: the juliana roubion, as ridden by the juliana-sram pro team in the enduro world series

As ridden by the Juliana-SRAM Pro Team in the Enduro World Series, the Roubion made a splash when it debuted in 2014 and undergoes a series of tweaks and upgrades for 2016. Overall, the bike is now slacker and lower through a combination of frame redesign and the alterations that are now possible with the new linkage system.

A 66-degree head angle is intended to aid stability on descents, coupled with a longer reach on the top tube (20mm to 25mm depending on size) and corresponding shorter stem for more responsive control. The seat tube angle is also one degree steeper than on the 2014 model, placing the rider weight over the bottom bracket and in a better position for power when climbing. The seat tube is also shorter and compatible with 150mm dropper posts.

The linkage redesign also allows a lower frame standover, and a shorter rear end for a more agile ride with chain stay length 6mm shorter than previous models, and a bottom bracket height of 13.4 inches.

Unusual colour choices are something of a hallmark for Juliana Bicycles and the distinctive stonewash purple of the Roubion certainly stands out, finished with matching purple grips.

The Roubion is available in four builds with both the CC and less expensive C carbon, plus a CC frame-only option.

  • Juliana Roubion CC XX1 AM $8099, £5699
  • Juliana Roubion CC X01 AM $6599, £4999
  • Juliana Roubion C S AM  $4699, £3999
  • Juliana Roubion C R AM $3599, £3099
  • Juliana Roubion Frame CC Float XF $2999, £2799
  • Australian pricing TBC

Juliana Furtado

The trail-ready juliana furtado: the trail-ready juliana furtado

Designed as a versatile trail bike, the Juliana Furtado is treated to a similar update to the Roubion. Like the Roubion, the Furtado is available in both the CC and the slightly cheaper C carbon. There are two C build options: the entry level R and the S, and 4 CC builds ranging from XT to XX1.

Juliana has added an additional 5mm of travel on the rear over previous years models, bringing both front and rear up to 130mm of travel. Fox Float Performance shocks grace the C models, while CC models are fitted with Fox Float Factory. On the front, the CC models feature RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air, while the C

As a result of the redesigned linkage system, the 2016 Furtado has lower standover than previous models, plus 8mm shorter chain stays for snappier, more responsive mobility through tight, twisty terrain.

A one degree slacker head angle brings the Furtado to confidence-inspiring 67-degrees, with a longer top tube and shorter stem increasing handling precision.

Other updates include an additional 5mm of travel at the rear, bringing both front and rear suspension to 130mm. The new VPP suspension linkage coupled with new shock tunes are intended to give a smoother ride over small bumps, then become more progressive over larger trail features.

Not to let the Roubion get all the paint job plaudits, Juliana is offering the Furtado in a striking turquoise that the firm calls Spearmint.


Juliana is also bringing out an extra small size which is unique to the Juliana Furtado; there is no corresponding small size available in the equivalent Santa Cruz 5010.

  • Juliana Furtado CC XX1 AM $8099, £5699
  • Juliana Furtado CC XTR AM $8699, £5999
  • Juliana Furtado CC X01 AM $6599, £5349
  • Juliana Furtado CC XT AM $6399, £4999
  • Juliana Furtado C S AM $4699, £3999
  • Juliana Furtado C R AM $3599, £3099
  • Juliana Furtado Frame CC Float XF $2999, £2799
  • Australian pricing TBC

Both the Juliana Furtado and Juliana Roubion are available worldwide from Monday 14 September, with the extra small size Furtado following in spring 2016. We’ll update international pricing as we have it.