Just in: CrankBrothers Joplin 4

More travel, new internals for 2010

We’ve just got hold of the new 4in-drop CrankBrothers Joplin seatpost for testing, and very nice it looks too.


As well as an extra inch of travel, the post boasts new internals – better seals and a second guide-block to combat sideways wobble – and a reinforced clamp.

It’s 400mm long, and slightly heavier than the original Joplin because of the increased drop (more metal and more oil). Our 31.6mm lever version is claimed to weigh 530g, compared to 485g for the 3in version.

The Joplin 4 is available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters (the promised 27.2mm post is still in the pipeline). RRP is US$250 (approx £150 at current exchange rate) for the lever version and $285 (approx £175) for the 4R version with handlebar remote.


Look out for a review in an upcoming issue of Mountain Biking UK magazine and on BikeRadar soon.

CrankBrothers joplin 4: crankbrothers joplin 4
James Costley-White/BikeRadar