Just in: Fulcrum Red Carbon wheels

Ultra-pricey carbon-rimmed hoops

It’s not often we get a pair of mountain bike wheels in the office that cost as much as a high-end bike, so we thought we’d give you a sneak peek.


These’s are Fulcrum’s top-end tubeless Red Carbons, which cost a whopping £2,599.99 a pair.

We weighed them at 1,537g a set (1,662g with the supplied quick-release skewers) – which actually makes them slightly heavier than Fulcrum’s top-end alloy wheels, the Red Metal Zeros. (According to Fulcrum’s website they should be 130g lighter.)

Both the 674g front wheel and 863g rear have 20 ‘ultra-aero’ variable section aluminium spokes – four fewer per wheel than the Red Metal Zeros. Fulcrum’s MoMag technology uses magnets to help seat the nipples.

The spokes are laced to 19mm asymmetric (to compensate for the cassette at the rear and six-bolt IS disc rotor at the front) carbon rims, with a 100mm front hub and 135mm rear, both with 20mm axles.


Look out for a test of these wheels in an upcoming issue of Mountain Biking UK.