Just in: Ground anchors, Gusset pedals and saddles, tyres and more

Pumping up the degs in the BikeRadar office

We’ve gathered some of the latest bits to arrive at BikeRadar HQ, including some prototype 2×9 mountain bike cranks from FSA, Gusset plastic pedals and jump saddles as well as a beefy re-locatable ground anchor system from Propa-Lok. 



First up we’ve got a couple of dirt jump seat/saddle combos from dirt maestros Gusset. 

Available in white with a vinyl cover (£24.99) or black with a Kevlar cover (£29.99) the integrated saddle and post keeps weight down to 280g for the black model and 284g for the white.

Built with a ribbed structure for maximum strength, these seats are ready to be lowered to the frame and slammed like an American wrestler to the floor of the ring.

Gusset pedals:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

These are Gusset’s £11.99 plastic pedals with moulded plastic pins. Good pedals for those on a budget and for colour co-ordinators they come in blue, clear, green, smoke and purple.

An upgraded version of the above, the Gusset Pin Head plastic pedals come with steel pins for extra grip. At £17.99 they look like they’ve got plenty of life for not much cash.

Nuke proof proton: nuke proof proton
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Keeping with the pedal theme, these lightweight (432g/pair) Proton alloy pedals from Nuke Proof have spent plenty of time at the CNC machine to get rid of excess bulk.

Their curved profile and ten replaceable/adjustable pins will help keep the rider’s foot firmly in place, and the DU bushings and sealed cartridge bearings will absorb heavy impacts and cut down on servicing. A useful seal on the axle end and pedal body will help to keep out water and grime too. £69.99.

Crazy bob tyre: crazy bob tyre
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Dirt and street riders might be interested in these 24” Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyres too, they’re also available in 26” for big wheelers.

FSA 2×9 mountain bike cranks

These are prototype 2×9 mountain bike cranks from FSA. They use a ‘386’ spider configuration (three bolts, 86mm bolt circle diameter) which enables smaller and more versatile inner ring sizes to be used. New cranks will be fitted with 27/40T or 27/42T sizes.

K-Force light carbon fibre :
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

The new cranks will come in K-Force Light carbon fibre and Afterburner hollow-forged aluminium varieties, both in either standard 68/73mm threaded or BB30 bottom bracket set-ups.

The K-Force Light model will include ceramic bearings as standard, a slightly narrower 164mm pedal stance width, and a flashy outer chainring with extra-thick sculpted mounting tabs that yield extra stiffness for improved shifting.

Afterburner hollow-forged aluminium: afterburner hollow-forged aluminium
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

Afterburner hollow-forged aluminium crank

As for pricing there are many configurations to choose from, but for example the K-Force Light ATB 42/27 170L Ceramic 386 will set you back £589.95 (MRSP), and the Afterburner ATB Grey 27/42 170L will cost £259.95 (MRSP).

Both cranks will be available around the end of July.

Propa-Lok ground anchors

Bike security is always a concern, so the Gorilla and Demon ground anchors from UK company Propa-Lok should help to keep the thieves at bay. Unlike other ground anchors which are pretty much permanent once installed, these can be unbolted and moved around should you wish to do so.

Propa-Lok ground anchors:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

“Doesn’t that mean that a thief can just unbolt it though?” No, because once the bottom plate is in place and locked with a gert-big security chain/lock, you can’t get at the bolts.

The £75 Demon is suitable for 40mm chains, and the £105 model accepts 50mm chains.


Velo solo cog: velo solo cog
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

VeloSolo are a British company who specialise in making bike components including handlebars, track cogs and CNC chainrings. Here we’ve got a 6-bolt disc cog which allows you to convert your mountain bike into a fixie – the cog bolts on in place of a disc brake rotor. Technical editor Ian Collins from Mountain Biking UK magazine tells us he’ll be trying this out very soon. Good luck Ian.

Velo solo spacers:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar

For singlespeed fans, this ‘Patriot’ spacer kit allows road or mountain bike Shimano pattern cassette hubs to be used with a single cog. The pack includes seven pieces: 7.5mm, 6.5mm, 5.5mm, two 4.5mm and two 2.5mm spacers for precise fitting


Vertebrate Publishing have released a new guide book (£15.95) covering the wild trails (non trail-centre) of Scotland. The collection of 25 rides includes the CorrieyairackPass, Glen Sligachan on Skye, MountKeen and the FortWilliam to Montrose Coast-to-Coast. Written by a Scottish mountain bike guide with pictures from Andy McCandlish that’ll be enough to get you out on the trail in no time.

Scottish wild mtb guide:
Matthew Cole/BikeRadar