Just in: Latest body armour from Fox

New pads and jacket

We liked the look of Fox’s Launch Pro kneepads when we spotted them at the Core Bike trade show earlier this year, and now we’ve got a set in for testing.


First impressions suggest they tread the middle ground, offering more padding than the likes of SixSixOne’s super-slim Kyle Strait pads and with a plastic knee cup that’s hard enough to ward off knocks but flexible enough not to hinder movement. RRP is £45 ($59.95). We’ll let you know how we get on with them.

If you like a bit more leg coverage from your leg armour, Fox do a range of other styles include the entry-level £20 Titan-MTB. This is a standard-looking knee/shin guard with a hard plastic shell and three straps.

One neat feature that sets it apart from the pack is the D-Ring clip system on the straps, which is more secure than a Velcro closure while still allowing you to don or remove the pads with your shoes on. It also means you can cross the straps for a more secure fit.

Fox Titan-MTB knee guard
Fox titan-mtb knee guard: fox titan-mtb knee guard
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Also new from Fox on the armour front is the CE-certified Titan Sport jacket. Designed to offer “great protection that will not break the bank”, RRP is £85. Features include a full-mesh body, anatomic two-piece chest plate, removable articulated spine protector and high-impact plastic shoulder and elbow pads. It’s available in five sizes.

Fox Titan Sport body armour
Fox titan sport body armour: fox titan sport body armour
James Costley-White/BikeRadar