Just in: Quirky lids and colourful saddle bags

Plus chammy cream, sealant and bike cleaning kit

Here at BikeRadar we get sent all kinds of stuff over the Christmas period. Here’s a round-up of some of the latest kit that’s landed on our desks, including some quirky helmets and saddle bags.


O’Neal Surround Sound helmet

As the name suggests, O’Neal’s Surround Sound pisspot has in-built speakers so you can plug in your mp3 player and listen to music on the move.

We wouldn’t recommend using it on the road – safety concerns aside, the speakers simply aren’t loud enough – but this is a mountain bike lid after all, and if music helps your flow it might be worth considering. Whether other riders will enjoy hearing your tunes wafting out of the somewhat tinny speakers remains to be seen.

It’s not light, at 453g, but has 11 air vents to help keep you cool. It’s available in two sizes and either the Flat Black colour seen here or Gloss White. RRP is £34.99 (US$49.99).

Casco E.motion helmet

Casco’s E.motion is aimed at riders with electric bikes and reminds us of a 1970s US motorbike cop’s helmet. Venting is minimal because Casco reckon e-bike riders will be travelling at higher speeds than your average cyclist – and presumably not getting as hot, thanks to help from the motor.

It’s available in three colours – black and gold, matt black and white, or silver – and two sizes. You can even buy clip-on ear warmers to keep you toasty through the winter. RRP is £119.95 ($129.95).

Casco e.motion helmet: casco e.motion helmet
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Krieg saddle bags

Krieg are a small US company with a colourful range of saddle wedges. There are 14 different colours/designs, ranging from the cow hide and fluffy pink bags pictured here to ones with skulls and flames.

They’re large enough to carry the essentials, like a spare tube, multi-tool and keys, and have an LED light loop on the rear and an internal keyring clip. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in the UK through www.XCRacer.com. RRP is £19.97 ($22).

Krieg saddle bags: krieg saddle bags
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

RRP PunctureGuard

PunctureGuard is a tubeless tyre sealant from the people behind the NeoGuard mountain bike mudguard. It’s available in two ‘flavours’ – Downhill, which has larger fibres to seal big snakebite punctures, and Cross-Country, which has smaller fibres to seal pinch punctures and thorn holes.

RRP say it won’t dry out like many latex sealants, and one 250ml bottle contains enough goo to seal four tyres. Ingredients have been chosen for their minimal environmental impact. RRP is £14.99.

RRP punctureguard:
James Costley-White/BikeRadar

Chamois Butt’r

Chamois Butt’r is the latest solution for the saddle sore, designed to be applied to your skin or the pad of your shorts to prevent rubbing and chafing. It’s available in 8oz tubes (£12.99/$14.99) or 0.3oz sachets (75p/$0.90), and new for 2010 is a ‘Eurostyle’ version, which has been designed to produce a cooling and soothing effect.

Chamois butt’r: chamois butt’r
Oli Woodman/BikeRadar

Muc-Off Twinpack and Bike Spray


Muc-Off cleaning products have long been a favourite here at BikeRadar, and now you can buy a twinpack of their classic pink cleaner for £9.99. Once you’ve removed the crud, Muc-Off Bike Spray will leave your pride and joy sparkling, with a PTFE layer to disperse water and mud.

Muc-Off twinpack and bike spray: muc-off twinpack and bike spray