Just in: Shimano Yumeya lightweight kit

Pimp your bike to the max with the Dream Workshop

Shimano’s full range of Yumeya upgrades for their XTR groupset hit BikeRadar HQ today and we’ve been dribbling over the carbon and titanium spangly bits ever since.


The Yumeya – Japanese for ‘Dream Workshop’ – kit defies any talk of credit crunch and recession, allowing you to shift a few grams and add wow factor to your machine at a total cost of £823.85.

Claimed weight savings go like this: carbon rear derailleur plates save 11g over XTR, titanium cassette sprockets save 15g for a set of 17/20T, titanium bolts shave off 25g for the full set, and the Yumeya chain cuts off 10g more.


What Mountain Bike magazine’s Justin Loretz will be slapping the kit onto his Tomac hardtail soon and putting it to the test. Check out issue 98 of What Mountain Bike for the lowdown.