K-Edge sheds weight with new Wahoo and Garmin Race Mounts

32g metal mount for Garmin Edge and Elemnt Bolt computers, plus a tidy light solution

Riders wanting a sturdier mount for their Garmin or Wahoo may want to check out the new K-Edge Race Mount — a 32g alloy piece made for the Edge 820/520 computers and the Elemnt Bolt.


K-Edge starting shipping the Race Mounts this spring, and you may have seen them on the bikes of Team Sky, Quick Step or Bora-Hansgrohe.

The 31.8mm anodized mounts come in black, red, blue and red/blue.

Wahoo is selling its new Bolt GPS computer and mount as an aero system, but the K-Edge Bolt Race Mount is quite svelte and puts the computer in line with the stem
Courtesy K-Edge

The Garmin Race Mount works with the Edge 820, 520, 510, 500, 25 and 20, but not the large 1000.

The Wahoo Bolt Race Mount is identical, except for a Wahoo-specific insert. It only comes in black.

The inserts on both the Garmin and Bolt race mounts break away before the computer tabs do in the event of a crash, K-Edge brand manager Tim Kelley told BikeRadar.

“It’s the same new Race Mount that Peter Sagan, Rafał Majk and teammates ran at California and Team Sky is running at the Giro,” Kelley said.

In the event of a crash, where the computer takes an impact, the Wahoo insert will break off before the computer’s securing tabs do, K-Edge claims
Courtesy K-Edge

Wahoo began selling the Bolt earlier this year, touting its aero integration with the included plastic mount.

Kelley said the Wahoo mount is “very cool”, but noted that the K-Edge piece was machined to tuck up and behind the Bolt’s front fairing.


In related news, K-Edge will soon launch a $19 NiteRider Adapter, which bolts onto a NiteRider light with a GoPro-like connection, so riders can set their light directly below a K-Edge computer mount.

K-Edge will soon have a NiteRider Adapter that lets you mount a light like a GoPro
Courtesy K-Edge