K-Edge TT mounts for Garmin and SRM – Interbike 2012

Plus new chain catchers from the Boise brand

K-Edge has added a new upper-end version of its popular braze-on chain catcher for 2013. The new Professional model now attaches to its own concave washer with an extra bolt that not only makes it easier to adjust but also locks it in place with 50 percent more force, according to K-Edge. At Interbike, K-Edge also showed early versions of time trial bike mounts for SRM and Garmin.


Cleverly, the Professional model uses the front derailleur mounting bolt to help anchor its position but the bolt itself doesn’t actually clamp on to the catcher. Instead, the catcher’s thru-bore hole merely slides on over it, which allows mechanics to check bolt torques without affecting the catcher adjustment.

K-Edge has tweaked the Professional’s shape relative to the original version for better chainring bolt clearance and it’s also a shade lighter with more milling on the backside. Retail price will be $40 when it launches January 1. The standard version will remain in the lineup but will drop in price to $30.

K-Edge previewed a prototype Professional variant for use with SRM power meters, too. The production version is still being finalized but regardless of the finished appearance, the key feature is an integrated rare earth magnet that’s adjustable for perfect positioning – and more importantly, doesn’t require SRM users to glue a separate magnet on to their frames. Pricing is still to be determined.

K-Edge will soon release a time trial mount for srm computers:
James Huang/BikeRadar
K-Edge will soon release a TT mount for SRM head units

While chain catchers put K-Edge on the map, the company’s machined aluminum Garmin computer mounts have reportedly put its CNC mills into overdrive. Coming in 2013 are two new machined aluminum mounts – one for Garmin 200/500/800 computers and another for SRM’s PowerControl – for use with aero bar extensions.

Both feature 22.2mm clamp diameters for near-universal compatibility but the Garmin version introduces a new attachment interface, too. According to K-Edge co-owner Joe Savola, the standard Garmin quarter-turn interface isn’t always conducive to tightly spaced extensions so K-Edge’s mount will feature a novel slide-on setup instead.

Finally, K-Edge is still contemplating putting into production the tidy number plate holders we’ve been seeing on pro riders’ bikes all season. The prototype shown at Interbike was made of aluminum but Savola says the production version – if there is one – will be stainless steel for better durability.


Like the new chain catcher, the new time trial mounts will be available January 1 but pricing is still to be determined.