Kabush completes epic intercontinental weekend

Trans-Pacific dash for cash

Canadian mountain bike racer Geoff Kabush completed an impressive feat at the weekend, claiming two podium finishes on opposite sides of the world. After finishing the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup round in Canberra, Australia on Saturday he flew to the USA early Sunday morning to compete in the National Mountain Bike Series (NMBS) finals in Utah, United States of America that same day.


“It was interesting,” said Kabush. “I was glad I booked an insurance flight from Vegas since I missed the scheduled flight. [Kabush’s wife] Keri met me at the airport and I brought a radar detector…it was very tight.”

Despite the almost-13,000km journey, Kabush was ready to race in time for the start in Utah. Kabush needed to contest the North American event to preserve his NMBS championship lead.

“We got to Brian Head half an hour before the start, so I kitted up and got ready to race,” he said.


With time zones on his side, Kabush raced to a strong third place finish at Brian Head in Utah. The podium finish was enough to secure Kabush the 2008 NMBS title.