Kali Maya enduro helmet – first look

US$99 enduro lid

Kali Protectives has launched its long-awaited enduro helmet, the Maya.


It’s refreshingly priced at US$99 (UK and other prices TBA) and inside you’ll find a combination of innovative technologies to absorb as much energy as possible in a crash scenario.

These include a construction that makes use of cone-shaped multi-density EPS foam and a core that features the lowest density foam that Kali has used to date.

Kali maya enduro helmet : kali maya enduro helmet

You’ll never please everyone when it comes to helmet design but we find it hard to imagine that anyone would strongly dislike this lid

The shell has 12 vents, the design of which makes them easy to distinguish from Kali’s other enduro helmets, the Avita and Avana. There’s also a helmet cam/light mount and a durable and adjustable visor. Inside there’s an antimicrobial liner and mesh to keep the bugs out.


It’ll be available in two sizes, both of which are secured by an adjustable cradle at the rear. It comes in this fetching matte blue, matte black or matte white-and-black.