Kappius Components previews ultra-accurate tire pressure gauge

0.01psi resolution ideal for fat bikes and cyclocross

Kappius Components' new Digital Pressure Gauge offers finer resolution and better accuracy than the normal to better fine tune your tire setup

Fat bike riders and cyclocross racers are often fanatical about tire pressure – and for good reason, as it’s arguably the single most important determinant in how those bikes perform in their respective fields. Handheld gauges often offer better accuracy than the ones usually found on floor pumps but Kappius Components has just launched a new hyper-accurate gauge that should get the tech-heads all hot and bothered.


The simply named Digital Pressure Gauge is also simple in design with its industrial look, dedicated Presta-only head, and handy bleed valve. The draw, however, is in its slick digital gauge, which is supposedly accurate to +/- 1 percent across the full range and with an ultra-fine 0.01psi display resolution.

If that seems like overkill, consider that for a fat bike rider who usually runs about 10psi, a difference of 0.5psi – a common resolution limit for digital gauges – equates to a considerable five percent. For dedicated snow riders whose pressures can sometimes run as low as 5psi (or lower), that 0.5psi equals a doubly significant 10 percent change.

Kappius components’ new digital pressure gauge offers finer resolution and better accuracy than the normal to better fine tune your tire setup:

Want more control over your tire pressure? Kappius Components offers a solution

Kappius Components’ new gauge will be offered in three versions: one for fat bikes with a 0-15psi range and 0.01psi resolution; a cyclocross/mountain bike version with a 0-30psi range and 0.01 psi resolution; and a higher-pressure cyclocross/mountain bike model with a 0-50psi range and 0.02psi resolution, all with a claimed +/- 1 percent accuracy across the range.

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny if you want that much information, though. Retail price is US$159.99. Kappius Components is currently taking pre-orders with deliveries slated to start in about two weeks.


For manufacturer and ordering information, visit http://www.kappiuscomponents.com