KAPZ customised headset caps – first look

UK-made custom components

KAPZ offer a wide range of custom headset caps and bolts

Somerset-based firm KAPZ offer a range of UK-made headset caps, with everything from fully customised designs to plain colours and even a psychedelic range.


If you’re looking for a bit of extra colour on your cockpit and are after something totally unique then a custom full-colour headset cap might be right up your street. Designs are restricted only by your imagination, and submitting one seems to be a pretty straightforward process using the supplied design sheet

A fully custom cap will set you back £24.95. Similarly, a range of custom caps are available with an engraved finish for the same price. Like the full colour designs these also require the customer to draw onto a design sheet, but the nature of the engraving process means creations are slightly more limited.

A slightly cheaper variation of the custom design idea is available in the form of laser etched caps. You can choose to have just text, or text and a choice of one or two of KAPZ’s predetermined icons.

KAPZ also offer a designer range. These caps are cheaper, at £14.95, and feature everything from a patriotic Union Jack design to Valentine’s Day love hearts (okay, it’s a little late for this year).

If you’re feeling sensible then KAPZ sell a range of blank anodised headset caps and bolts. They’re £7.95 but don’t include a starnut. If you’re not feeling sensible then the psychedelic range could be just the ticket, with everything from a ganja leaf design to a smiley face.

So whether it’s UCI rainbow stripes, a message to a loved one or even this bizarre design featuring the McDonald’s logo there’s something for everyone. Er, maybe. For more information see www.kapz.co.uk.

KAPZ offer a wide range of custom headset caps and bolts: kapz offer a wide range of custom headset caps and bolts

Two examples of what KAPZ have on offer