Keego’s €54 bottle will give you a taste for the Ti life

Elastic titanium technology trickles into your bottles

We’ve come across a Kickstarter campaign from KEEGO, which claims to have solved the problems faced by conventional plastic bottles with an elastic titanium design.


The bottle uses a novel technology that bonds titanium to both sides of an elastic core to form the walls of the bottle. The cap is a conventional silicone push-pull valve.

Primarily aimed at mitigating the “potential health-risks, throw-away mentality and most of all BAD TASTE” of plastic, KEEGO wants to combine the practical squeezability of plastic with the purported health benefits of a metal bottle.

We fully accept that the health concerns around plastic bottles (even those that are BPA free) aren’t fully resolved, and that metal does have advantages, being inert without leaching any chemicals. This bottle does seem rather extravagant though.

Lots of technology in the humble water bottle

At a recommended retail price of €54 / $66 it sure is an extravagant purchase that will be out of the reach of most people. For the time being it is available at a slight discount on the Kickstarter page.

We’re also very interested to see how the bottle will hold up to long-term use and abuse.

For more information check out the KEEGO website.


What do you think? Is the price worth it for potentially ‘cleaner’ drinking water?