Kenny Belaey’s new show to air on Thursday

Trials action on the Extreme Sports Channel

The first episode in the two-part series will air this Thursday at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Belgian trials maestro Kenny Belaey’s new series, Big Time Trial Adventure: South Africa, will have its UK premiere this Thursday (19 May) at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. It’s the follow-up to his three-part Big Time Trial Adventure, which aired in December 2009.


In the two new episodes, the five-time World Cup champion explores the history of trials riding in South Africa. “The first three episodes were all about an introduction to the sport and what competition was all about,” he told BikeRadar. “I’d always thought about getting more shows out there. I was in a training camp in South Africa, doing four or five hours on the bike every day, when I became motivated by the idea to base the new shows there. It’s such a bike – and especially trial bike – friendly country.”

Belaey describes the series as half travel show, half trials biking documentary, and says that, while he hopes to again showcase trials culture and lifestyle, a big aim is to show the adventure aspect. His enthusiasm to show the sport to as big an audience as possible is as strong as ever. “The feedback on the first shows was great,” he said. “The public and journalists respect trial biking much more and I thought it was important to get the message across.”


Talking about his day job as one of the world’s leading trials riders, Belaey said he’s been busy recovering from a hectic few months which allowed little training time. He’s started intensive practice again recently and will centre his season on the World Championships in Champery, Switzerland (31 August – 4 September). You can check out a trailer for Thursday’s show below:

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