Kettler’s new Profi repair stand

360-degree clamping system extends from 44-56in

The new Profi repair stand

KETTLER USA’s new Profi Bike Repair Stand holds a bicycle high and steady for convenient repairs and maintenance.


“It makes working on a bike by yourself a little safer and a lot easier,” said Stephen Mannix, vice president of KETTLER USA. “The Profi holds the frame steady and balanced so you can use two hands to work, whether it’s a brake adjustment or you’re simply replacing the chain.”

The new 360-degree Kettler Klamping System extends from 44 to 56 inches high for a more ergonomic work position, and can holds bikes up to 65 pounds.

The stand folds up for storage.

The stand has a chrome-plated yoke with a powder coated steel base and a removable tool tray.


The stand is available now on KETTLER USA’s website for $269 and will be in some retail stores in mid-November.