Kickstart your tires with Stompump

Foot pump from the creators of Barfly Garmin mounts

From the creators of the Barfly comes the Stompump. It’s a portable, foot-powered air pump that can be mounted to a bike’s water bottle cage bolts. It’s currently on Kickstarter looking for funding.

It’s claimed to be three times faster and require less effort than a hand pump

Stompump highlights

  • Presta and Schrader compatible
  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Max pressure: 60psi / 4.14 bar
  • Made in Marin, California
  • $89.95, conversion: £63.80 / AU$117.41

Faster tire inflation promised

Stompump supposedly sprang to life after a rider was struggling to fix a flat tire in a rainstorm. 

The kit includes a frame mount and a strap

The foot-activated inflator is claimed to air up tires three times faster than a typical hand pump, with less energy. 

In addition to bike tires, Stompump can be used to air up any large-volume, low- to medium-pressure tire, even on cars and motorcycles.

Air filter and storage

The Stompump includes an air filter, not so your tires have clean, non-polluted air inside them, but rather to keep the pump’s internals dirt and debris free for smooth operation.

The middle portion of the pump is a storage area. It’s 22.2 x 53mm, enough for some patches or tire plugs. 

The pump is rebuildable and repairable with simple disassembly, the company claims. 

On-bike mounting

Stompump includes what it calls a ‘frame dock’, which attaches to a bike’s bottle cage bosses. Also included is a hook-and-loop safety strap. 

The Stompump can be mounted to bottle cage bosses

Stompump has about two months left on its Kickstarter and its well over halfway to its goal of $10,500 (£7,392 / AU$13,544). Stomp Cycles reports having two years of engineering and testing into the project as well as a résumé of products for Cervélo, Specialized, Sigma and Cycliq. 


For more information or to support the project, check out the Stompump Kickstarter page