Kinetic Smart Control adds electronic resistance to its trainers

Mean, green turbo machines get a brain

Minneapolis based Kinetic has revamped its range of lime green trainers, adding Smart Control to its free moving Rock and Roll trainer as well as its traditional fixed-base Road Machine.


Kinetic had previously released a ‘smart’ version of its trainers that broadcast real-time power data to a connected device, however these new Smart Control units add electronically controlled resistance too.

As you might guess, the units still carry through the massive heavy freewheel offering that provides the realistic ride-feel that the brand is known for. Kinetic says it offers the highest inertia of any smart trainer on the market. With that said, Kinetic is yet to announce how much resistance the Smart Control units will be able to produce.

Kinetic’s unique Rock and Roll trainer, which is designed to simulate real-work riding, gets the brand’s new Smart Control unit
The new Smart Control units will connect to both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and will also play nicely with popular third party training apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad.

As with all of Kinetic’s trainers, the new Smart Control models will work with both thru-axle and quick release wheels, internally geared hubs and wheels as small as 16 inches with an adaptor kit. Kinetic is also offing a lifetime warranty on the frame of the new trainers, as well as a two-year warranty on the smart control units.

For those who’ve already invested in a Kinetic unit there’s no need to be green with envy, the Smart Control units are also available as a bolt-on upgrade for the Rock and Roll, Road Machine, Magnetic and Cyclone trainers.

The Smart Control unit is also available as an upgrade for the Kinetic’s range of indoor trainers
Set to be available in September, the Smart Control, Rock and Roll, and Road Machine trainers are set to retail for US$849 / €749 and US$649 / €579 respectively, and the add-on Smart control unit will cost US$549 / €499. UK and Australian pricing and availability are still to be announced.

Kinetic Fit training app

Launched alongside the Smart Control trainers was Kinetic’s new Fit training app which allows users to access training plans, a wide range of customised workouts, video streaming (including video workouts from The Sufferfest) and accurate real time training data.

The subscription-based app is designed to integrate your training using the brand’s range of trainers, however, Kinetic says it’s also fully compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled smart trainers and power meters too.

To support the new smart control units Kinetic has also released its own training app

With the app’s video integration, users have the choice of watching videos on their device while training or streaming to a second screen wirelessly via Apple TV or Google Chromecast, or directly with an HDMI cable. The app also allows subscribers to watch pre-selected YouTube playlists, movies stored on their device or a Dropbox account for entertainment to take their mind off the suffering.

Kinetic’s new Fit app also allows activities to be sent safely and securely to Strava, Training Peaks or the training software of your choice.

The app is subscription-based and offers three pricing tiers; ‘Core’ which is free and allows access to select data and power training features; ‘Smart’ which includes access to over 200 personalised workouts, 28 training plans, data sharing and full video integration for US$10 per month or US$70 for one-year; or for an additional US$10 per month, riders can access the entire The Sufferfest library with either the Core or Smart plans.


The Kinetic Fit app is available now for free in both the Apple and Android app stores. Kinetic is also offering free trial periods of the Kinetic Fit Smart subscription with the purchase of a compatible trainer, or a six-month trial with a Smart Control trainer.