Knog boosts Blinder and ARC ranges, and introduces new budget lights

Australian company overhauls light range for 2016

Knog has just announced a new range of commuter and entry level lights, in addition to output boosts for the popular Blinder Road and ARC ranges. Each light features a variant of Knog’s tool free silicone strap mount, and will come in an array of hues.


Blinder MOB

The new blinder mob series is made up of five models, all available in various colours and front/rear variants :

It’s a MOB of lights. Only a few models from the enormous range pictured

The new Blinder MOB range borrows a few cues from the Blinder 4, but with some key differences. Each of the Blinder MOB lights features a new compression-moulded silicone strap that Knog says is stronger than the previous version. Knog also provides multiple strap sizes, and a combined V and O-shaped housing, so you can use the lights on everything from small bars to aero posts.

“Each of the five MOB lights have their own unique flash pattern, their own look, and most importantly, their own beam. All but one include a reflective face too,” explained Hugo Davidson, CEO and lead designer at Knog.

The five ‘Personalities’ in the range come in front, rear, and vertical rear formats, and are available in a plethora of colours. Each $49.95 light features an 80 lumen output, integrated USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and a max battery life of over 55 hours on flashing mode – all at a claimed weight of just 35-37g.

The five models are:

  • Eyeballer is single LED and casts a beam – great for badly lit bike paths or commuting through rural areas.
  • Four Eyes with four LEDs is an all-rounder for the ‘burbs to urban commute.
  • The Face is similar four LEDs but with a faceplate for added style.
  • Kid Grid has 16 LEDs and a very wide beam. An attention-grabber, perfect for inner city streets.
  • Mr Chips – so-called for the Chips On Board (COB) multi-LED, which gives off a glow from a panel of light. It’s ideal for use in traffic – be that cars coming at you from the side, or to soften the glare for your mates in the peloton.

Blinder Road

Also revamped for 2016 is the dual beam Blinder Road series of lights, which includes the Blinder Road 400, Blinder Road 250 and Blinder R70 rear light.

Knog boosts its blinder road range too, with the new blinder road 400 and blinder road 250 :

Looking rather similar to the previous models, there’s the Blinder Road 250 (left) and Blinder Road 400 (right)

The updated Blinder Road series also features a new coloured, brushed aluminium chassis, two Lumileds Luxeon Z-ES LED’s and 13 dimmer settings. In a continuing feature from the Blinder Road 3, one setting allows one LED to flash while the other stays at a constant brightness.

The knog blinder r70 rear light offers 70 lumens of visibility :

Like all the other models, the Blinder Road R70 is available in a range of different colours

Each model features rechargeable lithium polymer battery and integrated USB charging port, and has an IP67 waterproof rating.

The Blinder Road lights also come with two (R70 includes three) silicone tool-free mounting straps, allowing the lights to be swapped between, standard, oversize and aero style posts and bars.

  • Blinder Road R70: $59.85, 1x CREE XB-D, 3 x Super bright LEDs, 70 lumens, 20 hour max battery life, 75g claimed weight
  • Blinder Road 250: $79.95,  2x Lumileds Luxeon Z-ES LEDs, 250 lumens, 5.5 hours max battery life, 75g claimed weight
  • Blinder Road 400: $94.95, 2 x Lumileds Luxeon Z ES LEDs, 400 lumens, 9 hours max battery life, 105g claimed weight

Blinder ARC

The knog blinder arc 640 and 220 :

The Blinder ARC 640 left, Blinder ARC 220 on the right

The staple high-power lights in the Knog range have received some extra horsepower for 2016. The new ARC 640 and 220 lights have an output of, you guessed it 640 and 220 lumens respectively. The lights feature a IP67 waterproofing rating and can be recharged through the built-in USB plug.

The new Blinder ARCs are available in four different coloured anodized alloy casings and feature Knog’s tool free silicone mounting straps with stainless steel clasp.

Our previous testing of the ARC and Blinder series showed some movement in the mounting system, and although Knog had been hinting at an update to its design, it seems only the new MOB series of lights has received a wholly new strap. Testing of these new models will prove if this issue has been solved.

  • Knog ARC 220: $69.96, 1 x CREE XP-L LED, 220 lumen 11.7hour max battery life claimed, 100g claimed weight
  • Knog ARC 640: $119.95, 1 x CREE XP-L LED, 640 lumen 17hour max battery life claimed, 150g claimed weight

POP Lights

The new knog pop light series is aimed at kids and those on a tight budget. here are a few options in the popi front light range :

Just a few options from the new POPi range

Also new is Knog’s entry-level range of lights, consisting of the POPi and POPii front lights and a POPr rear light.

The POP light range run off of AA batteries and feature a chunky ‘easy on easy off’ wrap around strap. They are available in various finishes which include a few tame options like black and graphite, as well a some crazy ones like leopard print and tattoo patterns. Being low in price, the POP range is aimed at casual commuters on a budget and kids.

  • POPi: $17.50, 1x AA battery, 35 lumen output, 100 hour max battery life, single SMT LED
  • POPii: $24.50, 2x AA batteries, 60 lumen output, 150 hour max battery life, 2x SMT LED
  • POPr: $17.50, 1x AA battery, 5 lumen output, 200 hour max battery life, 1x SMT LED

Australian and UK pricing for all new models are to be confirmed.