Knolly 2010: New downhill and all-mountain frames

High-end full-suspension bikes from Canada

Canadian bike company Knolly have released details of their 2010 range of downhill, all-mountain and trail frames.

For the first time they’ll be available from independent retailers in Britain and Northern Ireland – you could previously only buy them direct from distributors Riding High UK.

Chris from Riding High told BikeRadar: “It’s the quality of the build and ride that sets Knolly frames apart. They’re a North American brand and everything is sourced locally and done in-house.

“They’re manufactured by a very high-end frame manufacturer and are comparable to the likes of Santa Cruz and Intense. We hope to see a lot more of them around next year.”


Knolly podium: knolly podium

We gave you a look at the Podium, Knolly’s new downhill race frame, at this year’s Interbike trade show. It boasts 8.4in (213mm) of rear travel care of its Fourby4 linkage, with a long 47in wheelbase (medium frame) and a slack 64° head angle.

Features include a 1.5in head tube and ISCG 05 tabs. Claimed weight for the frame is 4.76kg (10.5lb) with shock. It’s available in Raw, Ano Black or Green. RRP is £2,199 with RockShox Vivid shock, £2,299 with Fox RC4 or £2,499 with Cane Creek Double Barrel.


Knolly delirium: knolly delirium

The Delirium all-mountain frame has been refined for 2010 and now boasts 6.7in (170mm) of travel at a claimed weight of 4.2kg (9.3lb).

It features the same 1.5in head tube, Fourby4 linkage and ISCG tabs as its bigger brother, with a 44.5in wheelbase and 67° head angle. The Delirium is available in Raw, Ano Black, Britannia Blue or White. RRP is £1,999 with DHX Air, £2,099 with RC4 or £2,299 with Double Barrel.


Knolly endorphin: knolly endorphin

Travel on the Endorphin trail/lightweight all-mountain bike is reduced to 5.5in (140mm) but the frame comes in a lot lighter at 3.2kg (7lb)

Head tube size is reduced to 1 1/8in but the Endorphin still gets ISCG tabs and Knolly’s Fourby4 linkage. Head angle is the same as the Delirium at 67°but the wheel base is a shorter 43in.

The Endorphin is available in Ano Grey, Ano Black, Spitfire Blue or White. RRP is £1,799 with a Fox RP23, £1,799 with a DHX Air or £1,999 with a Double Barrel.


Due date for the Podium and Delirium frames is March, Endorphin frames are available now. For more details, visit

Knolly also make a freeride bike, the V-Tach, but this won’t be available in the UK. A cross-country version of the Endorphin frame is under development. For more details, visit