Family and friends can now keep tabs on your adventures with Komoot Live Tracking

New realtime tracking feature only available to Komoot Premium subscribers

Komoot Live tracking screen example

Komoot has added a live tracking functionality to its app that shares your location and current status with preset contacts or via a unique URL. This is a premium feature that is only available to paid Komoot subscribers.

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As well as showing a user’s location in real time, Komoots Live Tracking functionality will also show the route a user is following, an expected time of arrival if a course has been loaded and phone battery life level.

Komoot Live tracking screen example
The app will show your phone battery life as well as your current location.

Rather than continuously broadcasting for the duration of an activity, Komoot Live Tracking will only update your location when someone is actually watching your feed. This will preserve both phone life and data.

Unlike some of its competitors, Komoot Live Tracking doesn’t appear to have an upper limit on the number of contacts you can broadcast up to at once, with your location accessible via a unique web link.

The feature is only available to Komoot premium subscribers (€59.99 / £59.99 per year).

Strava Beacon offers a broadly similar featureset to Komoot Live Tracking. This is also only available to paid Strava Premium subscribers.

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Wahoo and Garmin also offer a similar free service via their respective apps.