Kona Bristol Bikefest 2010 report

Sun-drenched West Country mountain bike racing

The ninth Kona Bristol Bikefest powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport took place at Bristol’s Ashton Court Estate over the weekend, where almost 1,800 riders enjoyed the sun-soaked singletrack.


The 12-hour race kicked off at 9am on Saturday, with more than 350 teams, pairs and solo riders hitting the trails. The open male category was heavily fought over and with a few changes in rankings it took up until the last couple of hours for the consistently strong Bad Ass Bike Team to take the win ahead of Torq, in second position, and Team in the Hurt Business, who finished third.

James Lister (Torq) topped the Solo Open Male category ahead of Steve Webb and Szabolcs Bandli (Team Bicycle). Gemma Frier (Team Teacake) won the Solo Open Female race in front of Kath Bushnell (Bristol Workshop) and Iona Evans. For the other results, see below.

The six-hour enduros took place on Sunday, with Rob Lee (Team Syncros Endurance) taking the Solo Open Male event ahead of Graeame Forbes and Adrian Scott (Phill Corley). In the beginner three-hour race, it was Chris Deverson who won the men’s event, while Helen Cockcroft was victorious in the novice female race.

Results from the 12-hour event:

Solo Open Male

  1. James Lister (Torq Perfromace)
  2. Steve Webb
  3. Szabolcs Bandli (Team Bicycle)

Solo Open Female

  1. Gemma Frier (Team Teacake)
  2. Kath Bushnell (Bristol Workshop)
  3. Iona Evans

Solo Old Gits Male

  1. Craig Dolwin
  2. Daryl Cavill
  3. Dave Buchanan

Solo Single Speed Male

  1. Dan Treby (Buff Feel the Ride)
  2. Jon Meredith (Velo Club Moulin)
  3. Matt Carr (Trek)

Pairs Open Male

  1. Mode Cycles UK/Swinnerton
  2. Raf CC
  3. Team Lumicycle

Pairs Open Female

  1. Minx
  2. Progressive Fitness
  3. Tea Capers

Pairs Open Mixed

  1. Team WXC
  2. Big Foot
  3. Revolution Bikes

Pairs Single Speed

  1. Merida / Shred
  2. Gump and the Shovel
  3. Bike Mechanics Mucky Nutz Racing

Team Open Male

  1. Bad Ass Bikes
  2. Torq Performance
  3. In the Hurt Business

Team Open Female

  1. Muddy Minkies
  2. Beyond 925
  3. Dreaming Tyres Oxford MTB

Team Open Mixed

  1. Team Certini McCauleys
  2. RAF Cycling Mixed A
  3. Torq Development

Team Old Gits Male

  1. Dream Zero G
  2. Team Black Rat
  3. Tuesday’s Old Gits

Team Singe Speed Male

  1. Progression Fitness Co Uk
  2. The Single Nuggets
  3. SingleSpeed Moo’s

3-hour Novice Race results

Novice Male

  1. Chris Deverson
  2. Nathan Anscombe
  3. Stuart Selwood

Novice Female:

Helen Cockcroft

Novice Teams:

  1. Waterley Botton Wobblers
  2. Son of Anarchy
  3. Last but One!

6-hour results

Solo Open Male

  1. Rob Lee (Team Syncros Endurance)
  2. Graeame Forbes
  3. Adrian Scott (Phill Corley)

Solo Open Female

  1. Sarah Forbes
  2. Julie Greengrass
  3. Lorraine Staley

Solo Old Gits Male

  1. Ian Jabobs
  2. Tony Davis
  3. Kev Watts

Pairs Open Male

  1. Abergavenny RC
  2. Mud Dock
  3. Rock and Road Cycles

Pairs Open Female

  1. Castle Bikes & Lodge Cycles
  2. Dartmoor Dare-Belles

Pairs Old Gits Male

  1. One F Gear (with gears)
  2. The Biddulph Old Boys
  3. Ill Buy That

Pairs Open Mixed

  1. Torq Development
  2. 2 Wheelers
  3. M&D Cycles Specialized

Teams Open Male

  1. Granny Ring
  2. Small Torq
  3. Cretty Swax Mercer

Team Old Gits Male

  1. Fixed Foxes
  2. Lumberjacks
  3. The Bone Shakers

Team Open Mixed

  1. Activ Plus
  2. Team Rob Abrey
  3. Credo

For images and stories from the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport team, head to their Flickr page and Facebook page. For all the lap times and results, go to www.timelaps.co.uk. Race photos from the weekend can be viewed at http://www.photo-it.com.


The Kona Bristol Oktoberfest powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport takes place on 16 October – see www.bike-fest.com for details.