Trust your sunnies to the Koo Billy

Koo has come with an interesting way to keep your sunglasses safe

Koo Billy

Kask’s eyewear arm, Koo, has debuted an interesting way to store sunglasses on hot climbs or in fading daylight. Using a rubber band stem mount, similar to those that come in the box with most computers, and a clip, the Billy creates a spot on the bike’s stem to stow glasses

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Before you completely discount this eyewear dock of sorts, how many times have you fumbled with your eyewear, trying to jam your sunnies into your helmet vents and missed, or had them nearly take flight out of your helmet because you tilted your head or put the arms in the wrong vents?

We’ve all done it at least once, and the Billy could provide a solution for those of us that regularly take our sunglasses off.

The clip is claimed to weigh just 4g, and the part that touches the glasses is rubberised, not only for grip but also to prevent lens scratches.

Koo says the Billy offers a secure place for sunnies to be stored and should work with any pair, though we’d expect designs with a frame on the top of the lens will stay in better.

Given that most people are using out-in-front computer mounts nowadays, it’s an interesting way to make use of available space on the bike, though we’re a bit skeptical it will retain glasses on gravel or cobblestoned terrain.

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Would you trust your sunnies to the Koo Billy? Let us know what you think in the comments